Birth of a Shop

I look at art director Chad McClung’s new shop—featured in Woodcraft Magazine issue #66—with hope. I hope that it spurs him into building the kinds of woodworking projects that I suspect he’s capable of, and that it engenders the kind of personal joy the craft has brought me over the decades. I hope it beckons to him on evenings and weekends, and spawns family heirlooms that bring joy to his wife, daughters, and to those who will call him Grandpa someday.

As one whose woodworking career stems from much humbler shop beginnings, I also hope that Chad realizes just how lucky he is to have such an accommodating first shop. As you’ll see in the “Chad’s New Shop” video (here), he’s off to a good start, with about 400-square feet of convertible shop-and-parking space in his 780-square foot double-car garage. The shop was designed for Chad by former Woodcraft Magazine editor Jim Harrold. Although I personally would have done a number of things quite differently, hey, to each his own zone.

The shop does feature some nice projects, the plans for which can be found in issue #66. They include a stout workbench, a capacious sliding door wall cabinet, a convertible mitersaw station, and a compact router table. They were all designed with the beginning woodworker in mind, so nothing is complicated to build, and the plans in the magazine include easy to follow step-by-step instructions. So check out the video and Woodcraft Magazine #66. You may find your own shop giving birth to some new additions.

–Paul Anthony, senior editor

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